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How retailers can organically monetize their Snapchat channels

In our latest post, discover how monetizing Snapchat channels is getting increasingly easier – if brands figure out the right steps to follow.
Retail Shopping Apps

Ecosystem, Not Ultimatums: Retail Shopping Apps vs the Mobile Web

In our latest article discover how using the mobile web in tandem with retail shopping apps unlocks a much better overall experience for customers.
mobile retail

How Not to Undervalue the Importance of Mobile in Retail

Many retailers have failed to keep pace with demands of modern shoppers. Even as they begin to incorporate mobile into their strategy, they fumble and follow outdated habits and inaccurate assumptions.

How to "Out-Amazon" Amazon, One Customer at a Time

Today’s consumers live in a completely mobile society. The centerpiece of their existence is no longer their street address, but their smartphone, which travels with them wherever they go. This means that delivery and order fulfilment must follow suit, conveying purchases to precisely the time and place that the customer wants: a workplace, a coffee shop, a mall, or anywhere else.
mobile commerce

Must-Have Strategies for Maximizing Urban Fulfillment with Mobile Commerce

The Amazon-led economy has transformed the way in which retailers strategize shipping their inventory to consumers. Speedy – and occasionally complimentary – shipping is a given for any brand’s ecommerce store or mobile app, meaning that best-practice order fulfillment tactics have risen to the top of marketers’ must-have lists.
mobile advertising

The Data Digital Marketers Need To Know About Mobile Advertising

Discover how brands that harness the power of mobile technology and mobile advertising will survive.
mobile retail

Drawing a Mobile Retail Roadmap on a Shifting Landscape

Retailers doing business in the mobile age desperately need a roadmap. Roadmaps deliver a bird's eye view that provides more perspective than just streets and towns. They reveal the landscape's obstacles and alternatives, offering a much clearer, wider vision of the journey ahead.