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The moment customers walk into your brick-and-mortar stores they are immersed in your brand. Every detail from the decor to the font on the price tags has been considered to sustain this immersion. But that smartphone in your customer's hand? It’s giving your competitors access to your customer and potentially disrupting a carefully executed brand experience.

What Retailers Can Learn from Friday 13th

Not everyone is superstitious, but certainly, the number thirteen carries a connotation that makes people think twice. But let's not look at the superstition itself. Let's look at how people in western nations react, since this has some relevance in the world of retail.
mobile shopping

Bridging the Mobile Shopping Gap

Your customers are increasingly making mobile shopping a part of their brick-and-mortar experience. Retailers must meet consumers in the space that they are at or risk executing an ineffective omnichannel strategy.
mobile technology

How Mobile Technology Is Evolving Luxury’s ‘Clienteling’ Model

The store is often considered a jewel in the crown of a luxury brand. It’s a defined space where brands have the ability to not only develop relationships with their customers, but also make a bold statement beyond their clothing — whether it be their choice in real estate and interior design aesthetic, or the experience that exists inside it.

The State of Retail 2017: A Big Year for Mobile Wins

It’s safe to say that mobile technology dominated 2016. From the constant emergence of new shopping apps—both third-party and branded ones—to a plethora of new service apps—ranging from ride-sharing to reservation-making—mobile devices continued showcasing their ability to effectively bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Apple Pay

Driving the Store Further into the Phone with Apple Pay

Learn why more retailers will adopt Apple Pay as a payment option within their own establishments.

The Rise of the App-Powered Sales Associate [infographic]

The current Store Associate workforce is more technologically savvy than ever before. While any customer with a smart phone can access a store’s website in-store, only half of the Store Associates we met had access to their own store’s website while in-store.
dynamic ad

Dynamic Ads: Catching Amazon through Influence

The mobile commerce era still has not found a way to control the weather, but it can positively influence the actions of shoppers based on the availability of specific items. Discover how Facebook dynamic ads can answer consumers' call for immediacy in their shopping journey.