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This Thanksgiving weekend mobile stole the show. With mobile phones accounting for over 50% of website traffic, further proves that the world is going mobile, and there is no turning back.

The Death of Toronto Fashion Week

The demise of Toronto Fashion Week draws attention to the changing dynamics of fashion marketing globally. A new technique called see-now-buy-now is becoming a wedge issue. Some designers refuse to embrace it, while others are taking full advantage.
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How Mobile Technology Can Revolutionize Retail the Way Uber Revolutionized Ride Sharing

Uber, the app-based service that has revolutionized the way we all get where we need to go, is a perfect example of how our smartphones have truly become global remote control devices. The power of mobile technology can also revolutionize how retail brands delight their current customers and cultivate new ones.

The Diverging Paths of Fashion Marketing

Fast-breaking developments pose significant challenges to fashion houses and designers. These are people who must remain visible and desirable in a crowded, fickle, and increasingly fragmented marketplace.
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Top Ten Mobile Technology Adoption Myths in Fashion and Luxury Apparel

Learn the myths many retailers tend to cling to when contemplating a significant change to their business model. As usual, much of their resistance orbited around the notions that going mobile will cost too much and will not work.
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Why Sales Associates are Retailers’ Best Ambassadors for Mobile Engagement

As consumer demand for omnichannel strategies crests higher to its peak. Mobile can be – and should be – an integral part of in-store shopping, particularly where employees are concerned.

Why Mobile is the Answer to a Connected Customer Experience [webinar recording]

How can retailers improve customer conversion by leveraging all channels in unison? The answer is the palm of your hand.

How to Beat Amazon at the Fulfillment Game [webinar recording]

Listen to Stephan Schambach, Founder & CEO of NewStore and Daphne Carmeli, Founder & CEO of Deliv as they deliver an informative session on how to beat Amazon at the fulfillment game.