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Your customers' shopping experience is the biggest differentiator among you and your competitors. Learn why retail's current mobile customer journey is not making the grade. Download the 2016 Mobile Retail Report to learn how to better compete in a mobile-first world.
Mobile Conversion

The Quest for Higher Mobile Conversion [infographic]

As we embark on this quest for the higher mobile conversions, we found there are three obstacles keeping consumers from converting via mobile.
mobile couponing

Next-Gen Mobile Couponing Tactics: What They Are & How to Implement Them

Coupons have made a massive resurgence in the last several years. However, rather than attributing their popularity to the Sunday morning circulars, their potency can be chalked up to the ease of saving and redeeming a coupon on a mobile device. Learn about the different types of mobile couponing strategies that brands can implement into their apps, mobile sites and social channels.
Mobile Conversion

The Amazon Dash Button: The Doorbell of Instant Commerce

Amazon has, in its inimitable way, created and publicized another game-changing technology for the world of retail, creating currency out of convenience. The Internet of Things is fast becoming the Amazon of Things.
emoji keyboard

Does your brand need an emoji keyboard?

Discover how a growing number of marketers – ranging from smaller brands to national chains – are rolling out proprietary emoji keyboards.

What ideas are retail shopping apps borrowing from dating apps?

The swipe right to like, swipe left to pass interface made popular by dating app Tinder has officially permeated the retail world. Learn why implementing dating app-like interfaces into your mobile sites and applications can entice easily distracted mobile users.
native apps

It’s an Ecosystem, Not an Ultimatum: Why You Need Native Apps AND the Mobile Web [webinar recording]

Download It’s an Ecosystem, Not an Ultimatum: Why You Need Native Apps AND the Mobile Web and learn why it’s not one vs. the other, but rather a need for both with a different strategy for each.
snapchat channels

How retailers can organically monetize their Snapchat channels

In our latest post, discover how monetizing Snapchat channels is getting increasingly easier – if brands figure out the right steps to follow.