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Are Smartphones Diminishing Your Brand?

The moment customers walk into your brick-and-mortar stores they are immersed in your brand. Every detail from the decor to the font on the price tags has been considered to sustain this immersion. But that smartphone in your customer's hand? It’s giving your competitors access to your customer and potentially disrupting a carefully executed brand experience.

75% of your customers are using their smartphones as they walk through your brick-and-mortar operations. This is no surprise to most of us who also have our phones in hand at all times. However, 25% of those customers are actively using their phones to shop, and not necessarily at your store.

So what’s the solution? How do you regain your brand’s foothold? As tempting as it may be to instruct associates to slap the phone out of your customer’s hand as they walk in, it’s not terribly realistic. A better approach is to embrace that your customers are increasingly making mobile shopping an integrated part of their brick-and-mortar experience. It has become competitively necessary to ensure that your mobile offerings are a natural and intuitive extension of your customers in-store mobile journey.

Stephen Schambach, creator of Demandware and founder of NewStore, wanted to discover how brands were adapting to meet the needs of a mobile centric world. He felt it was important to understand if brands were fully utilizing available technology to create an integrated on and off-line shopping experience. Schambach asked NewStore researchers to spend time with 112 leading retail brands throughout New York and Boston.

The end result was the Mobile Retail Report, and the contents will help brands to understand how they can build a more comprehensive mobile strategy - including capturing the attention of the multitasking 25%. The research scored retailers on the effectiveness of their native apps, their mobile websites and the connectivity of their in-store experiences. It looked at how well mobile technology was being applied by retailers overall, as well as how they were serving customers ability to search and share, have a personalized experience, walk a seamless path to purchase and receive fulfillment support.

The final results shine a light on where retailers need to improve their integrated mobile activity. Some of the gaps were obvious, as researchers found that many of the stores weren’t providing open Wi-Fi for customers. Less evident gaps included empowering associates with the ability to conduct inventory checks, access customer recommendations and provide fulfillment and exchanges with their own mobile devices.

The report demonstrates the areas where brands need to evolve their mobile strategy, making it more than just another well branded point of purchase. Mobile retailing has the potential to build stronger on-site customer relationships and loosen the hold competing brands have on customers who are browsing their smartphones in-store. In short, it shows us that it’s time to create a mobile retailing strategy that reflects the same level of engagement you require of your brand.

Download your copy of the Mobile Retail Report and learn how smartphones are the missing piece in your omnichannel strategy.

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