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Marcus LaRobardiere, Marketing Manager

Marcus is a results-driven marketer focused on driving integrated marketing campaigns and programs to meet business goals and objectives. At NewStore, Marcus is the marketing manager, working cross-functionally with the sales and product teams to grow business and manage the demand generation pipeline.

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omnichannel retail

Digital Technology Innovations & Integrations: A Necessary Evil in Omnichannel Retail

Learn why omnichannel retail technology adoption shouldn’t be something you put off or avoid, but instead embrace. Discover how to positively impact your ability to drive sales both online and in-store.
In-Store Wi-Fi

A Win-Win: How In-Store Wi-Fi Helps Retailers Drive Business Results

A big reason retail brands are winning today is because of in-store Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, there are still some retailers that don’t believe it’s a necessity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In-store Wi-Fi should be the new normal, and rolling it out becomes a major liability. Retailers need to think of Wi-Fi as more than just a complimentary piece to the customer shopping experience, but essential in empowering their employees, too.