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Phil Granof, CMO

Phil is an award winning marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand development. Prior to NewStore, Phil was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Black Duck Software, a global enterprise software company where he successfully repositioned the entire brand, built a modern marketing organization, and simultaneously redefined an industry. As Chief Marketing Officer of NewStore, Phil combines his analytical data-driven approach to marketing with creative vision to oversee Demand Generation, Product Marketing and Management, Brand Development and Corporate Communications.

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Have brands made any progress in 2017?

In our 2016 Mobile Retail Report, one of the remarkable statistics we uncovered was that 78 percent of brands do not have a shoppable app. How is that possible? Pre-register for a copy of the free 2017 research today.

Why Mobile Isn’t Making Omnichannel Any More Complex Than It Is

Omnichannel may have a people problem. Mobile is the foundation for success today and moving forward. The businesses that embrace mobile will thrive; those that reject it will stumble. In my career, however, I’ve found there are two core issues that prevent retailers from exploring and succeeding in omnichannel — neither of which are mobile-related, contrary to popular belief.
mobile clienteling

Contact: Eye, Heart, and Mind

We are in a digital age, and retailers need to come to terms with that. With data that can be gleaned from consumer behavior over the web and mobile, there is a great opportunity to cater to each individual who enters a store. When sales associates use data and customer profiles to cut through the small talk and become a genuine advisor, we call it mobile clienteling.
Mobile Conversion

The Amazon Dash Button: The Doorbell of Instant Commerce

Amazon has, in its inimitable way, created and publicized another game-changing technology for the world of retail, creating currency out of convenience. The Internet of Things is fast becoming the Amazon of Things.

Relationship Retailing & The Giant Vending Machine in the Cloud

Most people do not think of Amazon as a vending machine, and many retailers only see it as a global behemoth and a major threat to their livelihood. In fact, Amazon is an entity that conveniently dispenses and delivers products – without human intervention. It has strengths, but it also has limitations. As vast and efficient as Amazon is, it can be a brand-dissolving mechanism.
Relationship Retailing

Relationship Retailing: Take Your Stands…and Remove Them!

Is mobile technology really mobile if it cannot move? Retailers have put iPads out on the sales floors, but then they glued them to stands. Learn how this is counter-productive to relationship retailing.
streaming retail

Streaming Retail: Get Used to It

Retailers need to create an effortlessly smooth experience for their customers. We are in the era of streaming television shows, where people expect to seamlessly go from one activity to another when and how they want, and this includes shopping. Discover how streaming retail is a must-have approach in today's world.
Mobile Commerce Technology

Matching Mobile Commerce Technology to Your Brand Promise

What does it mean to have a truly connected store? Retailers are recognizing that a new standard of customer service is quickly emerging. This new model is one that involves the sharing of information about preferences, purchases, and habits, transmitted through the Internet directly to the tablet or earpiece of a sales associate.