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Can Mobile Technology Enhance the Customer Experience?

Working with customers is an art form, and the retailers who do it well make it look effortless. Good sales staff have an innate understanding of how to make their customers feel cared for and acknowledged. Reading the verbal and nonverbal cues their customers give along the way to gauge and modify their interactions.

In retail, mobile technology is often banned from the sales floor so that the customer experience won’t be disrupted. Retailers strive to make their customers feel as if they, and only they, have the full attention of the sales associate that is working with them. Many believe that if their sales staff have smartphones in-hand this perception would be shattered.

Until recently, the idea of keeping smartphones off the sales floor made sense. But innovators like Stephan Schambach, founder of Newstore and ecommerce pioneer, are making retailers rethink their smartphone ban. 

Sales associates are able to ring up purchases and take care of exchanges on their mobile, all without leaving their customer's side. They can also quickly access customer preferences and check inventory. In short, a retail app can provide easy access to the data and details that make customers feel well cared for.

An app's ability to strengthen customer relationships is remarkable. A chat feature allows communication between customers and sales associates to continue beyond their in-store time. Customers can reach out to a trusted sales associate via text to ask for fashion advice or arrange for an outfit to be delivered to their doorstep.

Tracking capabilities can alert sales associates, letting them know when a customer is on their way or arriving soon. This gives sales personnel the ability to greet customers with color preferences and purchasing information at the ready. Including purchases the customer may have made online.

Customer experience gatekeepers are rethinking the way they perceive mobile technology on their sales floors. Bringing in mobile applications that build on the talents of their sales team and accelerate their ability to create a rapport with customers. 

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