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How Mobile Technology Can Revolutionize Retail the Way Uber Revolutionized Ride Sharing

Uber, the app-based service that has revolutionized the way we all get where we need to go, is a perfect example of how our smartphones have truly become global remote control devices. The power of mobile technology can also revolutionize how retail brands delight their current customers and cultivate new ones.

For instance, imagine you’re shopping at your favorite boutique:

You’ve found the exact, hard-to-find shoes you’ve been looking for. (Actually, your amazing personal sales associate found them and then sent you a text because she knew you would love them!)

They’re perfect for an upcoming event you’ll be attending, but they’re not quite the right size, and you’re schedule is jammed. You just don’t have time to come back to the store when your sales associate can get the pair that fits from another store. 

What if your sales associate could not only get the shoes from another store quickly, but could also schedule the exact time they would be delivered to you anywhere you want? 

That’d be amazing, right? And you’d be more likely to shop at that boutique with a fantastic sales associate, white glove customer service, and the ability to schedule a shoe delivery when you want to wherever you want.

And you’d be thrilled to use an app that seamlessly integrates in-store shopping, sales associate communication, purchases, and returns with up-to-the-minute, on-time delivery times, right? 

Mobile technology will continue to significantly impact the retail sector because it helps eliminate any hurdles customers have to in-store shopping, and this can separate luxury boutiques from less unique brands.

Imagine the sales you could make if a mobile app could let your sales associate know when her best customer had an urge to do some after hours shopping? All your associate would need is the key to open up the shop (and of course be “on call” for after hours shopping) since all sales transactions happen within the app. 

Can you imagine the VIP clients that would love the privacy of late night, spur-of-the-moment-pajama splurging?

We all know that ecommerce apps remove the hurdles to purchasing products, but the true game changing mobile technology of the not-too-distant future will make it possible for your best customers to shop—in their favorite store—whenever the urge hits, 24-hours-a-day! 

Truly “smart” mobile-powered retail solutions are coming faster than your think.

Are you ready? The future of retail is mobile.

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