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How Scalable Clienteling Converts the Mobile-Exclusive Shopper

When retailers say “bridging the mobile retailing gap”, they're actually talking about reaching the in-store customer whose smartphone is never too far out of reach. What is spoken of less often are the niche customers who are mobile-exclusive. These consumers aren’t walking into your physical retail stores, but rather, engaging only with your brand and shopping from their mobile devices.

Retailers are working hard to provide a fully immersive brand experience for customers shopping in-store with their smartphone in hand. In fact, brands like Target are calling mobile the new “front door to the store” after discovering three-fourths of its customers began their in-store shopping experience by engaging with the brand from their smartphones.

Luxury brands in particular are aware they must provide more personalized and engaging shopping experiences. To do this, many are rolling out new sales approaches like clienteling to build stronger relationships between the customer and brand.

Scalable clienteling empowers sales associates by providing instant access to customer information and inventory from anywhere, and anytime in the store. With this information at their fingertips, sales associates can connect with their customers on a deeper level. 

So for retailers, what's next for the mobile-exclusive shopper? What role does clienteling play in convincing these consumers to step foot in your store and perhaps more importantly, what are the benefits of doing so?

Increased In-store Revenue and Brand Connections

There's a chance your mobile-exclusive customers are already influenced by the fact you have a brick-and-mortar store. Research has shown that 55% of online shoppers would prefer to buy from retailers with a physical presence over online-only retailers. Further, we know that when those mobile shoppers do walk into retail stores, they typically spend 22% more than traditional in-store shoppers during their visit.

Armed with smartphones and clienteling capabilties, sales associates can deliver the immediate customer service and personalization mobile-exclusive shoppers have come to expect. Personalized recommendations or instant checkout via mPOS, for example, provide the same experience consumers are used to when shopping online. 

Brands that can deliver these shopping experiences are able to build deep, meaningful relationships with their customers. Whether it’s one-touch purchase capabilities, product recommendations, or a progressive mobile app, these capabilities all can translate into increased conversions and customer retention.

Marrying the convenience of mobile shopping with the personalized service of a sales associate is the very premise scalable clienteling is built on, and how to get mobile-exclusive customers in-store. Converting customers who were previously mobile-exclusive into regular in-store customers only strengthens their relationship with your brand. 

Download our paper on Scalable Clienteling for the Mobile-First World to gain insight into how data-driven clienteling can transform your brand’s customer experience.


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