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Mobile Commerce Strategy & the Internal Management Structure

Experimenting with new mobile technologies and platforms may come naturally to many consumers. Can the same be said for senior-level executives and marketing decision-makers? Perhaps not as readily.

If an organization is considering investing more of its budget into a mobile commerce strategy for the first time, chances are that this decision may be met with friction from higher-ups unwilling to believe mobile as a high-functioning advertising and communication medium. However, mobile is beginning to cement its status as a must-have channel for any brand, meaning that company employees ranging from app developers to marketing directors must be willing to educate their colleagues on its paramount importance and work to boost mobile-centric platform spend by several percent each year.

First, mobile is transforming the lowest tier of marketing within organizations. It is paving the way for a slew of new position-holders, such as social media account executives and directors, tasked with being the face of the brand and connecting directly with consumers. If a business encounters a negative setback of any sort that prompts a storm of angry Tweets, no company can let that go unnoticed. Mobile allows for news and buzzworthy moments to go viral in an instant, meaning that brands must continuously leverage social media listening to participate in ongoing conversations and quell any damaging feedback.

One of the best examples of prime low-tier mobile marketing can be found among airlines. These companies are frequently inundated with frustrated travelers’ complaints or requests, spurring them to man their social media accounts with round-the-clock support that individually answers each comment.

Additionally, mobile continues to make its way up the marketing ladder by transforming how customer service issues are handled. Several marketers, such as Hyatt, are tapping Facebook Messenger as a direct line leading to customers, enabling them to speak to a brand representative through one of their most-used mobile messaging platforms. Companies wanting to keep up with their mobile-savvy consumers must begin investing in these services if they have not already. If an individual with an urgent product question has the option of calling a brand’s customer service hotline or sending a quick instant message via Facebook, the Facebook option will win out more often than not. And if more companies start implementing these types of customer service solutions soon, those that do not will fall to the wayside and risk losing sales, even if their internal customer service teams are excellent.

Finally, mobile is influencing the upper marketing echelons of every organization by turning senior-level executives’ attention toward programmatic buying. Brands’ programmatic spend is projected to double in the next several years, meaning that CEOs, CMOs, and other organization leaders will be forced to decide exactly how much of their advertising budgets they are willing to allocate toward mobile. Mobile’s ability to help marketers more effectively target audiences by demographics lends credence to higher allocations; however, this will depend on the amount of education surrounding mobile marketing that executives have received.

Mobile cannot be considered a purely exterior-focused communication medium with which businesses can drive sales. This channel is steadily and deftly transforming internal management within companies by creating new positions, opening up new avenues of bridging two-way conversations with customers, and providing incentive for additional education concerning digital platforms. It is up to all company employees to push mobile strategies and initiatives upwards through their organizations until they land on the desks of CMOs and CEOs. If they do not, internal management may become stagnant in its use of revenue-making tools and lose out on the loyalty of a very sought-after demographic of consumers: the mobile-minded millennials.

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