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Why can't a store be more like my home?

In retail, the goal is for customers to spend as much time perusing the physical store as they do online. The thinking goes that the more time people spend in a store or on a web site, the more likely they are to purchase.

Why retail associates need digitally-connected storefronts and accessible mobile tech

We live in a mobile obsessed world. The rise of the digitally-connected storefront has not only transformed the face of retail as we know it, but has also ushered in a new type of store employee.

Payment is the 'last impression' that can make or break retailers

There is no lack of skilled store associates at luxury brands. They are the chaperone to a customer’s shopping experience. They listen, guide, offer options and alternatives, and truly nurture the customer.

Why Mobile Isn’t Making Omnichannel Any More Complex Than It Is

Omnichannel may have a people problem. Mobile is the foundation for success today and moving forward. The businesses that embrace mobile will thrive; those that reject it will stumble. In my career, however, I’ve found there are two core issues that prevent retailers from exploring and succeeding in omnichannel — neither of which are mobile-related, contrary to popular belief.
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Retailers Lose Significant Sales Due To Weak Mobile Experience

The idea that all retailers must be able to sell to customers on their mobile phones first is not news. But, according to the world’s first Mobile Retail Report — a comprehensive study (conducted by my team at NewStore) of the mobile capabilities of more than 100 of the world’s top luxury, lifestyle, and fashion retail brands — data shows many brands are stuck in the stone age.
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Here's What Retailers Need to Know about Progressive Web

Until recently, luxury retailers looking to increase sales while providing customers with premium features and enhancements to in-store experiences had only two technology options: dynamic websites and native mobile apps. Now, however, a powerful third alternative has arrived: progressive web.
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Digital Technology Innovations & Integrations: A Necessary Evil in Omnichannel Retail

Learn why omnichannel retail technology adoption shouldn’t be something you put off or avoid, but instead embrace. Discover how to positively impact your ability to drive sales both online and in-store.

Will Mobile Happen to You or Happen for You? [video]

Want to know what would be the worst business in the world right now? Listen as Scott Galloway, Founder and Chairman of L2, explains why retail is in need of a serious makeover.