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To solve omnichannel, elevate tech decisions to the C Suite

If CEOs and other executives take control of their technology decisions, they will have a much better chance at building a thriving business in these disruptive times. Letting teams operate and buy as they did in the past paradigm will no longer fuel successful brands.

Retail fulfillment: speed, assurance and transparency

Fulfillment is the key battleground in the transformation of retail for the mobile age. Consumers don’t care where your stock is located, what they want is for their purchases to arrive quickly and conveniently.

Mobile transformation must start in stores - excerpt from Makeover

The relationship between store associate and consumer can make or break a sale. What’s more, it can make or break a consumer’s loyalty to a brand or retailer. The fact that 90% of store associates are discouraged from possessing a mobile device in-store blows my mind.

White Glove Service - Are your favorite brands making house calls?

With a smartphone in the hands of nearly every consumer, the expectations around the shopping experience are changing drastically. Is white glove service the right approach for your brand?

Mobile obsessed consumers demand more from stores - excerpt from Makeover

Brick and mortar stores are not dead. They just need a makeover. It’s no secret that there are plenty of suburban shopping centers struggling to keep their doors open, but the high end malls are thriving.

How retailers jumpstart a mobile makeover: book reviews from Retail Touchpoints

The retail industry needs a makeover. Our Founder and CEO Stephan Schambach published his first book to provide a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart and our friends at Retail Touchpoints provided thoughtful reviews of the book.
Mobile Payments

Pay Cash from Apple drives retail industry further into Apple Pay adoption

Mobile payments are actually more secure than their traditional “card swipe” counterparts, so why not embrace mobile payments for consumers’ convenience and safety?

Will 2018 be the year of conversational commerce? It should.

Inside the store, conversational commerce offers retailers a unique opportunity to use customer data in support of a better interaction. The retailer's primary goal should be to provide store associates with vital information such as name, past purchases, frequently browsed or favorited products, etc. This rich data, delivered to the sales associate's phone or tablet, helps with the decision on how to approach the customer, how to engage them, and what to recommend.

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