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Why are retailers still debating store associate devices?

It should not go unnoticed that the majority of sales associates more closely resemble their customers than they do their managers. Associates, like the majority of Millennials, have been trained by apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Uber to be able to learn and adapt to using a smartphone. So why is it that the most powerful tool for clienteling has yet to be allowed on the store floor?

The Data Relationship Makeover: what’s mobile got to do with it?

In a couple of years, retail will be a smartphone-only business. The majority of online shopping is already done on mobile devices, and 79% of smartphone owners have specifically used apps to help with shopping. The stakes are high for brands looking to truly deliver omnichannel, but there is a path forward which is outlined it in my new book, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart.

The unexpected pairing of pop up shops & technology

Retail is not dying - it’s fundamentally changing. What used to be a practice for street vendors to sell their products has been transformed over the past decade into a crucial tool for brands to get their product into the hands of shoppers and gather important feedback - the pop up shop.

Most retailers lose significant sales due to weak mobile experience

The idea that all retailers must be able to sell to customers on their mobile phones first is not news. But, according to our first Mobile Retail Report — a comprehensive study of the mobile capabilities of more than 100 of the world’s top luxury, lifestyle, and fashion retail brands — data shows many brands are stuck in the stone age when it comes to providing customers with the fully integrated mobile capabilities that all retailers need, in order to capitalize on compelling (and expensive) in-store experiences and drive a significant increase in sales.

High-end retail is in big trouble and technology is going to save it

Mobile has the potential for the highest brand engagement ever, but it requires native experiences built with mobile in mind from the ground up. Brands that follow this path and use the medium to grow the pie will be rewarded with a cult-like dedication of their customers.
Mobile Payments

Google gets smart with customer data- easy payment, faster checkout

Pay with Google, which the company recently announced at its I/O conference, is a natural progression for the company’s payment efforts.
Mobile Payments

Will Apple Pay take out PayPal?

Each service means something different right now. Apple is focused on selling iPhones while PayPal is primarily focused on payments.

Why can't a store be more like my home?

In retail, the goal is for customers to spend as much time perusing the physical store as they do online. The thinking goes that the more time people spend in a store or on a web site, the more likely they are to purchase.