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Digital Retail: Why Mobile Grabs Top-Tier Status in the Order Fulfillment Chain

The first step of the order fulfillment process has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Previously, an interesting product would grab shoppers’ interest and entice them to come in-store for a closer look. Nowadays, fulfillment begins and ends on mobile, thanks to the endless browsing and research that consumers do while on-the-go – sometimes without even realizing they have begun the initial purchasing journey.

Don’t Get Left at the Starting Gate: Learn How to Meet Fulfillment Expectations [infographic]

Did you know? A customer journey is more than a checkout transaction. Our infographic explans how to avoid getting stuck in the saddle with to your legacy commerce systems.

Cyber Monday Moves into the Mobile Mainstream

What do retailers need to do to make their online operations more mobile-ready? Learn the three steps for retailers to be more mobile-ready.

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