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Is retail ignoring its customers?

Consumers live a completely mobile society. The centerpiece of their existence is no longer a street address, but a smartphone. Thus, all communication between a brand and its consumers must be possible via mobile.
Mobile Commerce Technology

Mobile Commerce Technology: Text "Yes" to the Dress

One of the most successful fashion-related series on U.S. television these days is called, “Say Yes to the Dress.” Each episode involves a bride-to-be trying on some wedding dresses under the expert guidance of Randy Fenoli and his team at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. They present the bride with a series of dresses. She gets to try them on, and after a suitable amount of indecision and suspense, she says “yes” to the one that means the most to her.
Mobile Commerce Technology

Mobile Commerce Technology: How Connected Retailers Measure Success

Is it the holy grail of retailers to have their stores bristle with technology to attract customers? Every business owner likes to think about maximized foot traffic and consistent profits, and technology certainly holds a key to achieving these, but using technology for its own sake can be a fruitless exercise.
Mobile Commerce Technology

Matching Mobile Commerce Technology to Your Brand Promise

What does it mean to have a truly connected store? Retailers are recognizing that a new standard of customer service is quickly emerging. This new model is one that involves the sharing of information about preferences, purchases, and habits, transmitted through the Internet directly to the tablet or earpiece of a sales associate.

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