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Retailers Lose Significant Sales Due To Weak Mobile Experience

The idea that all retailers must be able to sell to customers on their mobile phones first is not news. But, according to the world’s first Mobile Retail Report — a comprehensive study (conducted by my team at NewStore) of the mobile capabilities of more than 100 of the world’s top luxury, lifestyle, and fashion retail brands — data shows many brands are stuck in the stone age.
Mobile Conversion

Here's What Retailers Need to Know about Progressive Web

Until recently, luxury retailers looking to increase sales while providing customers with premium features and enhancements to in-store experiences had only two technology options: dynamic websites and native mobile apps. Now, however, a powerful third alternative has arrived: progressive web.
Mobile Conversion

The Quest for Higher Mobile Conversion [infographic]

As we embark on this quest for the higher mobile conversions, we found there are three obstacles keeping consumers from converting via mobile.
Mobile Conversion

The Amazon Dash Button: The Doorbell of Instant Commerce

Amazon has, in its inimitable way, created and publicized another game-changing technology for the world of retail, creating currency out of convenience. The Internet of Things is fast becoming the Amazon of Things.
Mobile Conversion

Bridging the Gap between Celebrity Fashion and the Average Shopper

During the 2016 Tony Awards, TV viewers are being given the chance to purchase the apparel items worn by celebrities as they walk down the red carpet. Nordstrom, official sponsor of this year’s event, has upped the ante for immediate gratification by making it possible for buyers to order the accessories they see modeled by the evening’s beautiful people, and receive them quickly.
Mobile Conversion

Understanding the Mindset of Each Shopper: App-Based Shopping

In their efforts to improve the in-store experience, retailers are paying more attention to the ways in which data and technology can offer an attractive price, a customized selection, and a convenient, quick check-out to each customer individually. But the in-store shopping experience does not begin and end with price and selection. There is also a need for a store’s sales team to better understand the mindset of each shopper in order to tailor the relationship more effectively.
Mobile Conversion

Future Proofing Your Brand: Cashless Checkout, Shorter Lines, and Happier Customers

Future-Proofing Your Brand series brings you the lastest installment on an equally important step in keeping your firm out of the dead pool. Adopting cashless and self-checkout can cut the amount of time your in-store customers spend standing in a line.

Cyber Monday Moves into the Mobile Mainstream

What do retailers need to do to make their online operations more mobile-ready? Learn the three steps for retailers to be more mobile-ready.

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