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Pay Cash from Apple drives retail industry further into Apple Pay adoption

Mobile payments are actually more secure than their traditional “card swipe” counterparts, so why not embrace mobile payments for consumers’ convenience and safety?
Mobile Payments

Google gets smart with customer data- easy payment, faster checkout

Pay with Google, which the company recently announced at its I/O conference, is a natural progression for the company’s payment efforts.
Mobile Payments

Will Apple Pay take out PayPal?

Each service means something different right now. Apple is focused on selling iPhones while PayPal is primarily focused on payments.
Mobile Payments

Future Proofing Your Brand: Embracing Mobile Payments for Consumers’ Convenience and Safety

In our last Future-Proofing Your Brand blog post, we wrote about how a company’s choice of how to reach their customers in the mobile channel – a mobile friendly website versus a native app – could determine their success or failure. Today we will discuss an equally important step in keeping your firm out of the dead pool – responding to advances in the payments world that offer both added convenience and safety to traditional payment card transactions.