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2017 Mobile Retail Report

Pre-register today for your free copy of the 2017 Mobile Retail Report to find out how retailers are addressing the needs of the mobile-obsessed consumer. The report will be available later this month.

Have brands made any progress in 2017?

In our 2016 Mobile Retail Report, one of the remarkable statistics we uncovered was that 78 percent of brands do not have a shoppable app. How is that possible? Pre-register for a copy of the free 2017 research today.
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The Mobile Retail Transformation Catalysts: Personalization, Data, and Digitization

Identifying some of the primarily catalysts behind retail’s dramatic transformation and evolution over the last few years would not be complete without recognizing mobile’s starring role. Discover what Personalization, Data, and Digitization mean for mobile retail.
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Drawing a Mobile Retail Roadmap on a Shifting Landscape

Retailers doing business in the mobile age desperately need a roadmap. Roadmaps deliver a bird's eye view that provides more perspective than just streets and towns. They reveal the landscape's obstacles and alternatives, offering a much clearer, wider vision of the journey ahead.
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How Not to Undervalue the Importance of Mobile in Retail

Many retailers have failed to keep pace with demands of modern shoppers. Even as they begin to incorporate mobile into their strategy, they fumble and follow outdated habits and inaccurate assumptions.

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