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Relationship Retailing

Relationship Retailing: Take Your Stands…and Remove Them!

Is mobile technology really mobile if it cannot move? Retailers have put iPads out on the sales floors, but then they glued them to stands. Learn how this is counter-productive to relationship retailing.
Relationship Retailing

Relationship Retailing: Reflecting on the In-Person Beauty Moment

Anyone who has ever ventured into a store to buy clothes knows all too well the emotionally wrenching wasteland of the changing room. In many instances, these little spaces are sparse and sad, offering a mirror, a hook or two for clothes, and little else.
Relationship Retailing

Defining Relationship Retailing: The Pleasure Principle

Steve Jobs is famous for a lot of radical ideas and innovations, but one of the most significant has to be his contribution to the retail consumer experience. He is remembered as the leading light at Apple, still one of the most successful and valuable companies on the planet.

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