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How retailers jumpstart a mobile makeover: book reviews from Retail Touchpoints

The retail industry needs a makeover. Our Founder and CEO Stephan Schambach published his first book to provide a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart and our friends at Retail Touchpoints provided thoughtful reviews of the book.

Is retail ignoring its customers?

Consumers live a completely mobile society. The centerpiece of their existence is no longer a street address, but a smartphone. Thus, all communication between a brand and its consumers must be possible via mobile.

Stephan Schambach calls for a retail industry makeover

Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart gives brands a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption and heightened consumer expectations

3 Key Takeaways from Retail's “Big Show”

Discover the three takeaways from NRF's "Big Show" that capture what will have the most pronounced impact on the way retail is evolving in the immediate future.

The Branson Effect on Retail

Sir Richard Branson’s appearance at NRF 2017 was doubly significant given this is someone who owns an airline, space launch company, phone network, entertainment empire, and more. When he talks about innovation and entrepreneurship, people just have to listen.

The State of Retail 2017: A Big Year for Mobile Wins

It’s safe to say that mobile technology dominated 2016. From the constant emergence of new shopping apps—both third-party and branded ones—to a plethora of new service apps—ranging from ride-sharing to reservation-making—mobile devices continued showcasing their ability to effectively bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The Rise of the App-Powered Sales Associate [infographic]

The current Store Associate workforce is more technologically savvy than ever before. While any customer with a smart phone can access a store’s website in-store, only half of the Store Associates we met had access to their own store’s website while in-store.

Cyber Monday Moves into the Mobile Mainstream

What do retailers need to do to make their online operations more mobile-ready? Learn the three steps for retailers to be more mobile-ready.

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