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Why are retailers still debating store associate devices?

It should not go unnoticed that the majority of sales associates more closely resemble their customers than they do their managers. Associates, like the majority of Millennials, have been trained by apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Uber to be able to learn and adapt to using a smartphone. So why is it that the most powerful tool for clienteling has yet to be allowed on the store floor?
Store Associates

The Future Role of Store Associates

One of the more surprising findings of the Mobile Retail Report showcases how store associates are underutilized in the modern world of digital commerce and wireless technology. In fact, their role is changing quickly and substantially, and is becoming more important, not less.
Store Associates

The Store Associate Dilemma: Mobile Enablement, So Close Yet So Far [webinar recording]

In this pre-recorded webinar, Phil Granof, CMO of NewStore discussed why empowering your brand ambassadors (aka store associates) with mobile is the missing route in your mobile commerce roadmap

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