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app adoption

How to Build a Successful Mobile App Adoption Strategy

Retail decision-makers understand the future of the industry - and their business - is deeply rooted in mobile. How quickly retailers adapt and adopt their own mobile and omnichannel strategies could very well dictate the success of the brand moving forward.

Using PIM and Real-Time Data to Simplify Returns and Exchanges

By enabling returns and exchanges to be easily made by shoppers, retailers can stay in favor with their customers while receiving invaluable product information for nearly every inventory item. Learn how using PIM and real-time data can simplify returns and exchanges.
mobile technology

Can Mobile Technology Enhance the Customer Experience?

Customer experience gatekeepers are rethinking the way they perceive mobile technology on their sales floors. Bringing in mobile applications that build on the talents of their sales team and accelerate their ability to create a rapport with customers. Read on to find out how mobile technology is the winning component to successful clienteling.

Omnichannel Commerce Works. How Do We Get There?

The Editor of The Mobile Retail Blog sat down with NewStore Board Member, Scott Galloway to discuss omnichannel commerce, the digital future for retail, and why he joined the board.
scalable clienteling

How Scalable Clienteling Converts the Mobile-Exclusive Shopper

Scalable clienteling empowers sales associates by providing instant access to customer information and inventory from anywhere, and anytime in the store. With this information at their fingertips, sales associates can connect with their customers on a deeper level. Learn how scalable clienteling can help convert the mobile-exclusive shopper.
mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce and the New Opportunities for Shoppers and Stores

Smartphones are key to the next chapter of retail success. This is essential to recognize since it is becoming the standard tool shoppers use for communicating with sales associates. Learn how the fast pace and mobility of mobile commerce can provide new opportunities for both shoppers and stores.
mobile advertising

The Data Digital Marketers Need To Know About Mobile Advertising

Discover how brands that harness the power of mobile technology and mobile advertising will survive.
engaged customer

One Step at a Time for the Engaged Customer

In the Mobile Retail Report, which assessed and analyzed current levels of mobile technology adoption among leading brands - one significant discovery was how little of the right kind of personalized follow-up is offered. Learn how to grasp on retail's most valuable of commodities, the engaged customer.

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