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Have brands made any progress in 2017?

Imagine if all shopping was done by cyborgs. You all have wireless connection, you remote control them from your home, they go out to retail stores, you buy stuff through them. What would the retail environment look like? You must be thinking, "that's crazy, ridiculous. That's in the movies.” But the reality is that right now, you have cyborgs shopping in all the retail markets. Why? Because they have a smartphone in their hand.

The question that retailers must face is, what does this really mean to the nature of the retail experience? How does it address our robot shopping overlords now, who are more equipped from an inventory visibility standpoint, a competitive standpoint, from a pricing standpoint, than perhaps anyone could have behind the counter?

That’s what we set out to answer with our 2016 Mobile Retail Report. We looked at the state of mobile retail today. One of the remarkable statistics we uncovered was that 78 percent of brands do not have a shoppable app. How is that possible? Sure, it's difficult. Agencies can build it for you, but it's a reflection of the way in which these organizations are siloed. Brands and retailers know mobile has disrupted the industry, but most people in the organization defer to digital teams, who they know are working on ecommerce. They know desktop is producing decent conversions, and they let the mobile topic fall to the wayside. The companies who do have a mobile app either don’t do it right or barely promote it.

Will we see any changes in our 2017 research? If you’re interested to find out, pre-register for your free copy of the report here:

Phil Granof, CMO

Phil is an award winning marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand development. Prior to NewStore, Phil was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Black Duck Software, a global enterprise software company where he successfully repositioned the entire brand, built a modern marketing organization, and simultaneously redefined an industry. As Chief Marketing Officer of NewStore, Phil combines his analytical data-driven approach to marketing with creative vision to oversee Demand Generation, Product Marketing and Management, Brand Development and Corporate Communications.

Topics: mobile, Retail, mobile retail

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