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Retail fulfillment: speed, assurance and transparency

Fulfillment is the key battleground in the transformation of retail for the mobile age. Consumers don’t care where your stock is located, what they want is for their purchases to arrive quickly and conveniently.
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How retailers jumpstart a mobile makeover: book reviews from Retail Touchpoints

The retail industry needs a makeover. Our Founder and CEO Stephan Schambach published his first book to provide a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption, Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart and our friends at Retail Touchpoints provided thoughtful reviews of the book.
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Pay Cash from Apple drives retail industry further into Apple Pay adoption

Mobile payments are actually more secure than their traditional “card swipe” counterparts, so why not embrace mobile payments for consumers’ convenience and safety?
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Stephan Schambach calls for a retail industry makeover

Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart gives brands a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption and heightened consumer expectations
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How Mobile Commerce Flipped the Shopping Cart

We live in the age of flipped expectations. Every day, it seems, someone upends the world in order to offer something new and better. How can businesses stay ahead? There’s a clue in the turmoil. Learn why there's no better person than Stephan Schambach to write a book on retail's technology transformation.
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Mobile Commerce and the New Opportunities for Shoppers and Stores

Smartphones are key to the next chapter of retail success. This is essential to recognize since it is becoming the standard tool shoppers use for communicating with sales associates. Learn how the fast pace and mobility of mobile commerce can provide new opportunities for both shoppers and stores.
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Future Proof Your Brand: Six Ways to Make the Most of Mobile Commerce

Learn how to future proof your brand and how-to improve mobile commerce conversions (native apps vs. mobile-ready browsers); check out the Slideshare.
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Is Mobile Commerce Fully Utilizing Expansive Platforms

Building a scalable retailing platform and then seeing only a fraction of it be fully utilized is frustrating to say the least. A bit like setting out a delicious feast and watching guests simply pick at the appetizer tray.

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