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Walk a mile in their shoes - experimentation & understanding in technology

Experimentation will be a vital tool in the transformation of retail for the mobile age. It will be the way CTOs turn their hunches into smart actions.
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Stephan Schambach calls for a retail industry makeover

Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart gives brands a roadmap for success in the age of mobile disruption and heightened consumer expectations
mobile technology

Can Mobile Technology Enhance the Customer Experience?

Customer experience gatekeepers are rethinking the way they perceive mobile technology on their sales floors. Bringing in mobile applications that build on the talents of their sales team and accelerate their ability to create a rapport with customers. Read on to find out how mobile technology is the winning component to successful clienteling.
mobile technology

How In-Store Mobile Technologies Attract and Retain the Right Employees

Retailers seeking to digitize or revamp their brick-and-mortar storefronts must place an emphasis on investing in technologies to ensure that associates are armed with as much product information as possible, therefore making them better able to serve customers.
mobile technology

How Mobile Technology Is Evolving Luxury’s ‘Clienteling’ Model

The store is often considered a jewel in the crown of a luxury brand. It’s a defined space where brands have the ability to not only develop relationships with their customers, but also make a bold statement beyond their clothing — whether it be their choice in real estate and interior design aesthetic, or the experience that exists inside it.
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How Mobile Technology Can Revolutionize Retail the Way Uber Revolutionized Ride Sharing

Uber, the app-based service that has revolutionized the way we all get where we need to go, is a perfect example of how our smartphones have truly become global remote control devices. The power of mobile technology can also revolutionize how retail brands delight their current customers and cultivate new ones.
mobile technology

Top Ten Mobile Technology Adoption Myths in Fashion and Luxury Apparel

Learn the myths many retailers tend to cling to when contemplating a significant change to their business model. As usual, much of their resistance orbited around the notions that going mobile will cost too much and will not work.

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