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It’s not goodbye, it’s just redirect

Today we're announcing the launch of the NewStore Retail Academy, the next evolution of the platform on which we'll share thought leadership content to cement our position as the #1 source of information for everything retail related.

Have brands made any progress in 2017?

In our 2016 Mobile Retail Report, one of the remarkable statistics we uncovered was that 78 percent of brands do not have a shoppable app. How is that possible? Pre-register for a copy of the free 2017 research today.

Meeting (and Beating) Amazon Expectations

Amazon is a virtual vending machine. It is an entity that conveniently dispenses and delivers products without human intervention. It has strengths, but it also has limitations. As vast and efficient as Amazon is, it can be a brand-dissolving mechanism.

Beacons hold great promise, but brands have yet to invest

Beacons are one of the least understood new technologies that will help usher companies into the next generation of retail.
mobile technology

Walk a mile in their shoes - experimentation & understanding in technology

Experimentation will be a vital tool in the transformation of retail for the mobile age. It will be the way CTOs turn their hunches into smart actions.

Retail fulfillment: speed, assurance and transparency

Fulfillment is the key battleground in the transformation of retail for the mobile age. Consumers don’t care where your stock is located, what they want is for their purchases to arrive quickly and conveniently.

White Glove Service - Are your favorite brands making house calls?

With a smartphone in the hands of nearly every consumer, the expectations around the shopping experience are changing drastically. Is white glove service the right approach for your brand?

Mobile obsessed consumers demand more from stores - excerpt from Makeover

Brick and mortar stores are not dead. They just need a makeover. It’s no secret that there are plenty of suburban shopping centers struggling to keep their doors open, but the high end malls are thriving.

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